Commercial Cleaning & Office Cleaning services in BEACONSFIELD!


Do you run a commercial business or and industrial business in Beaconsfield? Are you in need of a commercial cleaning or industrial cleaning service provider in your suburb? We are here to the rescue! If you live or work in the surrounding areas of the beautiful Bob Burgess Reserve and the Beaconsfield Park and require professional cleaning services, contact Nick on 0423 815 057 or submit your enquiry below

Office Cleaning in Beaconsfield

Cleaning Edge Solutions is your cleaning expert with over 10 years’ experience in Australia. Innovation is key and we strive to deliver the best cleaning solutions to our clients. Customers and employees should be the priority of your office, and their safety is maintained through proper office cleaning. A clean workspace can improve employee productivity and drive returning customers. So, consider the cleaning of your premises an investment rather than an expense.

Commercial Cleaning in Beaconsfield

At Cleaning Edge Solutions, we specialize in cleaning Gyms, Retail and shopping centres, Offices, Aged Care and Child Care centres and more… We are ISO certified and this means that you can only expect the best service. At Cleaning Edge, we also ensure that our staff is well trained so that they know how to do things right and we understand that non-compliance could be a costly affair.

We are also experts in Medical centre cleaning, and we ensure that our clients successfully pass the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS) evaluations. The environmental cleanliness of your medical centre is also evaluated through the patient reported Victorian healthcare experience survey, and therefore you need to invest in ensuring that your medical centre is clean, disinfected and sanitized to ensure patient and staff safety. Contact the experts to carry out your medical centre cleaning service today.

Industrial Cleaning in Beaconsfield

We are specialists in industrial cleaning and our expertise lies in Primary Processing Plants, Cooking Plants, Butcher Shops, Pet Food, Abattoirs, Boning rooms and more… If you are an owner/ manager at these facilities, you must know that non-compliance could result in penalties and litigation, resulting in temporary or permanent closure. At Cleaning Edge, we ensure that your premise adheres to the strict code of standards developed by the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ). Our industrial cleaning service also ensures compliance with most food standards such as BRC Global Standards, USDA, AIB International, Australian Certified Organic etc.


  • Our staff are fully trained
  • We use ARTG approved disinfectants
  • We are ISO Certified 
  • We are insured by Lloyds of London


Cleaning Edge Solutions offers a range of commercial cleaning services to suit the different requirements of clients

Our Very Own Smartphone App With Real-Time Communication

Cleaning With A Tap! Our Innovative Smart App Now Allows Clients To Communicate With Our Cleaning Edge Solutions Team, Enabling Real-time Monitoring and Quick Responses In Addressing Concerns