Commercial Cleaning & Office Cleaning services in MULGRAVE!


Cleaning Edge Solutions is your trusted company for all your commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning needs is in Mulgrave. We service the surrounding areas in Mulgrave, so if you are in or around the surrounding areas of the freeway reserve, Glades wood reserve, or the Southern Reserve, contact Nick on 0423 815 057 or submit your enquiry below for an obligatory free quote.

Office Cleaning in Mulgrave

As a business, the presentation of your office is important for both your clients and your staff. A clean office can improve employee productivity and maintain a positive brand image. You need an office cleaning specialist that understands your requirements and delivers as promised. With many cleaning services, quality and standardization is a problem, but with Cleaning Edge, our ISO certification gives you a guarantee that you will receive your moneys’ worth. With the use of hospital grade disinfectant, we ensure that your staff or clients are not affected with the use of chemicals. We are the real deal and are keen on becoming your cleaning partners instead of just a vendor/ service provider.

Commercial Cleaning in Mulgrave

Cleaning Edge is leading the way with Innovation. As a commercial cleaning service provider, we guarantee a high-quality service. Our long-term clients no longer have to use the old-fashioned communication books. With our smart app, real-time communication is enabled with the client so that there is an instant response, with accountability from our operators. We specialize in cleaning Gyms, Medical Centres, Retail and shopping, Childcare and Aged Care facilities and more… and all our clients are provided with this communications solution.

As commercial cleaning specialists we understand that each type of business has a different requirement, hence, we cater our services to suit the needs of each client individually. The cleaning schedules, cleaning equipment, training material and cleaning processes are fine-tuned based on each requirement. So, do not be worried about receiving a basic standard service. We take the extra effort to curate the best cleaning experience for you as your commercial cleaning partner.

With medical centre cleaning, we take extra care as we understand the high compliance risk that comes with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS) evaluation. Our team is well trained on infection control as these locations are breeding grounds for viruses. We understand that the safety of your patients and health care professionals are your priority, which is why we use the right ARTG approved disinfectants and environmentally friendly chemicals where possible.

Industrial Cleaning in Mulgrave

With industrial cleaning sites in Melbourne, Perth and New South Wales, we provide our clients with a sustainable cleaning management program. We are able to conduct on-site training with your staff on the safe conduct of cleaning protocols we have in place. Over the past 10 years, we have been benefitted as we have had a customer retention rate of 95% and a staff retention rate of 98%. Our services are aligned with the highest industry standards set out by the Australian and New Zealand governments. We also work in compliance with most food standards such as BRC Global Standards, USDA, AIB International, Australian Certified Organic etc.


  • Our staff are fully trained
  • We use ARTG approved disinfectants
  • We are ISO Certified 
  • We are insured by Lloyds of London


Cleaning Edge Solutions offers a range of commercial cleaning services to suit the different requirements of clients

Our Very Own Smartphone App With Real-Time Communication

Cleaning With A Tap! Our Innovative Smart App Now Allows Clients To Communicate With Our Cleaning Edge Solutions Team, Enabling Real-time Monitoring and Quick Responses In Addressing Concerns