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Hygiene is our top priority when cleaningchild careand aged care centres.Bacteria and germs canspreadeasily, especially with the playfulness of children.Cleaning Edge Solutions ensures your facility is clean, sanitised, and hygienic. The work of ouraged care andchild care centre cleaners is designed to protect those in your care, as well asyour staff.

What our cleaners can do for your facility

Cleaning Edge Solutions are available to clean common areas like indoor and outdoor playgrounds, staff rooms, kitchens, toilets, and more.Ourcleanersuse cleaning products that are effective, safe, and non-toxic, sono one will be exposed to chemical residues from conventional cleaning products. Child care centres can be breeding grounds for germs. If left uncleaned, these germs can cause infections to spread, which must be prevented. Ourcleaners have vast experience in cleaning these environments. Allour professional cleaners are certified in Cleaning & Disinfection Processes and Infection Control and Prevention and follow strict operating procedures to clean and sanitise every type of surface. We conduct annual police checks for all our staff and ensure they all have an up-to-date Working With Children Check.

Some of our tested cleaning methods include:

  • Colour coded mopping and cloth systems to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Using hospital grade, anti-bacterial, non-allergenic chemicals that kill 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Strictly following NHMRC guidelines.
  • Thoroughly cleaning surfaces, toys, bathrooms, etc. that can harbour bacteria.

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For More Information

Read our Blog: Combatting the Spread of Infection at Childcare Centres
Information brochure about health & safety in childcare centres

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