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School Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Cleaning Edge Solutions understands the impact and necessity for having a clean learning space. Whether it be a school, college, or university, each facility will have large amounts of students and staff pass through daily and as such requires thorough school cleaning services to keep it hygienic, orderly, and in optimal condition.

Cleanliness is a very important factor for schools. Not only does it prevent the spread of disease and bacteria in an environment that fields hundreds of students every day, but studies have shown that there is a clear correlation between cleanliness and academic success. We want to assist teachers achieve their goal of helping their students learn, and our service will help in its own subtle way.

What our cleaners can do for your facility

Our qualified cleaners understand how important it is to keep schools clean. We have years of experience in providing school cleaning services to all types of schools regardless of its size and whether it is a public or private school, as all schools will accumulate mess and rubbish. We are available to clean classrooms, staff areas, toilet blocks, and playgrounds. We will clean carpets, empty the trash from rubbish bins, and dust window sills and frames.

Centre of Facilities Research at APPA

A study conducted through the Centre of Facilities Research at APPA found that about 88% of polled students displayed casual inattention when in an unclean environment and that 84% reported a desire for orderly spotlessness and tidiness in their learning environment.

Cleaning Edge Solutions offer flexible contracts for the cleaning of all learning environments. This can include specialised periodic cleaning at quieter times (such as holidays) or outside of open hours to not interrupt daily operations.

All of our staff come with Police Checks and Working With Children's Checks, not to mention years of experience and expertise in cleaning schools.

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Do you want to keep your school facility clean? Call Cleaning Edge Solutions today on 1800 556 634 for our excellent school cleaning services in Melbourne.

All our staff come with Police Checks and Working With Children's Checks, not to mention years of experience and expertise in cleaning schools.

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