Meat and Food Processing Facilities Cleaning

Abattoir Cleaning for Meat and Food Processing Facilities

Cleaning Edge Solutions specialises in assisting local abattoirs and food processing plants deliver safe, wholesome, and hygienic food products in compliance with Australia's strict sanitation standards. Before we get into the details of our cleaning services, here are some relevant statistics and consequences for food plants and distribution centres:

  • There are more than 2 million occurrences of food poisoning in Australia every year 
  • Many more cases of injury from foreign bodies in food
  • Harsh penalties and more commonly, litigation, associated with the above
  • Hefty fines for non-compliance with national standards, resulting in temporary or permanent closure
  • Damage to brand and customer loyalty.

When you weigh the pros and cons of having anabattoir cleaning service for your meatprocessing facility, it goes without question. The cleaning and sanitation of your premises is an investment that should be seen as a cost saving initiative and necessity rather than an expense. Cleaning Edge Solutions are hygiene and sanitation experts that will assist and provide you with solutions to local and national food abattoirs and food processing plants that allows you to process safe and hygienic products without any worries.We follow a methodical approach to ourabattoir cleaning processes and ensure we comply with an internationally recognised system for food safety management (HACCP), which focuses on identifying critical control points where food safety concerns arise. Our system helps us identify all necessary food plant and machinery cleaning tasks that are required to give you the best possible cleaning service and keep you compliant to all the necessary standards.

Helping Food Production Facilities remain compliant

When it comes to food production of any kind, there is a strict code of standards, developed by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) that must be complied with to ensure safe practices and handling of food products. The code is Commonwealth Law and enforced by state and territory governments across all of Australia and New Zealand. FSANZ has three core objectives: protection of public health and safety; provision of adequate information to consumers; and prevention of misleading or deceptive conduct. You can find a copy of the code here. As a food processing/production facility, you should be familiar with this code. You should also pay special attention to the requirement of “cleaning and sanitising of the food premises and equipment”. Many food production facilities, especially the smaller ones, put cleaning at the bottom of their list and see it as just another expense. It is only another expense until you are randomly audited, and your cleaning and sanitising is not up to the standard. This could result in your business being closed down for a period of time or for good.Worse than that, being non-compliant also puts your patrons at risk of illness. You can avoid these potential risks with strict and routine abattoir cleaningof your food facility with the help of our hygiene experts at Cleaning Edge Solutions.

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Meat and food processing facilities must be regularly and thoroughly cleaned. Call Cleaning Edge Solutions on 1800 556 634today for our abattoir cleaning services.

You can avoid these potential risks with strict and routine cleaning of your food facility with the help of our hygiene experts at Cleaning Edge Solutions.

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