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At Cleaning Edge Solutions, we have a fully professional and strongly motivated team who are committed to providing the highest standard of cleaning services in Melbourne.

Melbourne’s best commercial, industrial and office cleaning.

Melbourne is a thriving hub of activity on any given day, and we know what it takes to keep our city’s businesses running.

A clean space leaves you with a clear foundation for your workplace. Whether you need a sporadic warehouse deep clean, a top notch commercial clean or just regular office cleaning, it’s important the space is cleaned regularly and properly. Regular cleaning services are crucial for increasing productivity, safety, hygiene and happiness.

Raising the standards of commercial cleaning in Melbourne.

We know that Melbourne businesses have a wide range of specifications and we adapt our services to meet the unique requirements of your work environment. Our skilled and professional cleaners understand what is required to provide you with a quality clean that ensures both your clients, staff and visitors will notice how clean and fresh your office or facility has become.

Don’t let below-average cleaning companies fool you into accepting anything but the best. Melbourne’s businesses deserve the best and providing quality cleaning along with customer service excellence is our passion.

At Cleaning Edge, we are committed raising the standards of Melbourne’s cleaning industry with an innovative approach to quality cleaning processes and the use of safe, effective cleaning products to ensure there are no toxic residues.

We take care of the mess, so you can focus on the rest.

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