Medical Center Cleaners

Medical centers require special cleaning services. We realise that many of the clients attending your center will have health issues that could relate to diseases or infections. Hygiene and cleanliness should be at the forefront of any medical facility cleaning and maintenance program. It is imperative to have a high standard of hygiene to minimise the risk of any infection or cross-contamination.

Viruses and bacteria are a constant presence. As a result, it is essential that cleaning procedures are thorough, leaving cleaned surfaces free from harmful micro-organisms and limiting the opportunity for future contamination.

Ensuring the well-being of staff, patients and visitors must be at the forefront of any strategic cleaning program. Cleaning Edge Solutions has been trusted to clean medical centers in Perth and Melbourne on an ongoing basis and we have established a reputation for the quality, reliability and effectiveness of our cleaning services. As a result of developing a very skilled team of Victorian-based medical center cleaners Melbourne practices have been very satisfied with the level of professional service we provide. In the West, for our medical center cleaners Perth practitioners have been satisfied with the quality of our services and our understanding of the specific cleaning needs of the medical environment.

We always make sure that doctor’s surgeries and other medical facilities are safe, clean and compliant with infection control standards. Our skilled and experienced medical center cleaners understand that attention to detail is essential and are trained to manage the unique challenges that can arise in these settings.

At Cleaning Edge Solutions, we are familiar with the RACGP (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners) Infection and Control Standards Guide and policy in the use of PPE where there is exposure to blood or body fluids with a high risk of contamination or infection.

We will provide a rigorous cleaning schedule to ensure your medical center or laboratory is not only cleaned to the highest standard but is hygienic enough to control and minimise the potentially harmful micro-organisms that are left behind from sick patients.

All our cleaners are certified in Cleaning & Disinfection Processes as well as Infection Control & Prevention, which protects both our clients and ourselves if an environment has potential exposure risks.

Take advantage of our high-quality medical center cleaning services. Contact us today and speak to one of our staff about how we are able to assist you with a tailored cleaning service that will meet the needs of your practice.

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