Shopping Center Cleaning

Give your business the edge and let Cleaning Edge Solutions make your business a place where people want to be

When it comes to your business you don’t want to spare any expense on presentation. It’s what draws your customers in and keeps them in your store. If a retail space or showroom doesn’t look clean, you’ll notice a very heavy impact on your business no matter how great the products are!

Let the team at Cleaning Edge Solutions give your business the edge! We’ll take the headache of cleaning away from  you so you can focus on the important things.

Presentation, presentation, presentation!

Retail spaces and showrooms require a keen eye for detail. Dust can quickly accumulate; scuff marks build up and glass & mirrors can have numerous fingerprints within a day. It may seem trivial at first, but it is one of the most important parts of business to keep your business space clean! A clean retail space is rarely noticed, but an unclean one will immediately lose your customers. Customers notice the attention you pay to cleanliness and it directly affects your business.

If your store is pristine, spotless mirrors, clean floors, dustless displays, your customers will feel completely at ease and comfortable staying in your store longer to spend more money!

Reduce your stress and let us take care of the cleaning

Some days you’ll get tied up with the business end of things, others you’ll be too tired. You might not think much can happen in just one day, but your customers will definitely notice the difference! Having a reliable and professional cleaner who is scheduled to come in can take that worry away from you and give you the peace of mind that it will be completed and done properly.

Our retail cleaning services cover all areas, including:

  • Floor Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Window Washing
  • Washroom and general facilities
  • Interior & exterior ceilings and walls.