The Benefits of Having a Contract Cleaner for Your Medical Facility

Dust and dirt can harbour microorganisms and it is imperative that routine scheduled cleaning of all surfaces and equipment is carried out to reduce and minimise any dust and dirt in your facility. It is difficult for staff in a medical centre or laboratory setting to maintain the levels of cleanliness required for these environments, especially if you are a busy centre and are open for extended hours.

Employing a contract cleaner to clean your facility is a wise investment which will enable you to focus on your role in the facility whilst having peace of mind in knowing your cleaner will maintain the high standards of hygiene and cleanliness you require.

Having a contract cleaner as opposed to doing it yourself, can greatly reduce the risk of infection or contamination. There are also some simple things that you can do to help maintain hygiene and reduce any risk of contamination throughout the day. Having anti-bacterial wipes readily available to staff and patients along with hand sanitiser placed within easy reach strategically throughout your facility. This not only promotes a healthy and hygienic look, it encourages people to use them for surfaces they may touch or even on the chairs they sit on. It all contributes toward controlling bacteria that could lead to infection and it all counts!

Surfaces in frequent use and likely to become soiled over a day include carpets, toilet/bathroom fixtures, consultation room furniture and equipment (examination couch, desk and medical equipment) and door handles. You should ensure all of these areas are part of the daily cleaning routine.

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