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Cleaning Edge Solutions is a Triple ISO accredited cleaning company offering industrial and commercial cleaning services to businesses all around Australia. As one of the country’s leading cleaning companies, we provide our clients with a premium cleaning service that will leave the premises of your business spotless.

Stores and Shopping Centres Image

Stores and Shopping Centres

Taking away the stress of cleaning and making your store more inviting and welcoming

Child and Aged Care Centers

Child and Aged Care Centers

Providing a clean and safe environment for the ones in your care and for your staff

Warehouse and Factories

Warehouse and Factories

Keeping your industrial area compliant and safe for all types of workers

Commercial Office Cleaning

Commercial Office Cleaning

Flexible, efficient and consistent office cleaning to keep your office functioning at optimum capacity

Builders and Construction Sites Image

Builders and Construction Sites

Cleaning up the after-build mess and making your site ready for handover or use

Display Homes

Display Homes

Creating a pristine and presentable look to showcase the best qualities of your display homes

Medical Centres

Medical Centres

Sanitation, disinfection, cleaning; minimizing the risks you to and staff associated with running a medical centre

Sport Centres and Gyms

Sport Centres and Gyms

Removing the sweat and odors from all the heavy activity, letting your clients exercise in comfort

University and School Cleaning

University and School Cleaning

Making the ideal environment for staff and children to teach and learn. Safe, clean and undistracting

Commercial Cleaning Services Melbourne

Office Cleaning Services In Melbourne

Cleaning Edge Solutions is an Australian owned and operated company which specialises in providing highly reliable commercial cleaning services for Melbourne or Perth area. Our expert services are available for a variety of facilities in Australia with our loyal staff dedicated for providing efficient cleaning services. With long term experience in the field of commercial cleaning services we are now leading the way in providing high quality cleaning services. We are proud to be a part of a team which has been instrumental in making the earth a cleaner place to live in and as a team we wish to continue providingcleaning services which are of prime importance to human survival and development.

You may require the services of an industrial cleaner in Perth or Melbourne for removing tough dirt and stains to have a fully hygienic and functional living space. Cleaning brings order to any space, making a property visually appealing and clean places attract positive attention. Our expert cleaning services naturally increase the value of a property to a good extent. Any place that is neat and smells good is ideal for working or living and is a wonderful place to do a favourite activity with mental satisfaction and peace. Clean interiors are very inviting and increase employee engagement improving workplace performance and productivity.

Why Choose Us for Your Next Commercial Cleaning

Would you like to see your property in a sparklingly clean state? Cleaning Edge Solutions are one of the leading cleaning companies in Perth and Melbourne with the right commercial cleaning solutions for your wonderful property. Our company is fully reliable with triple ISO accreditation with us following all safety standards and guidelines. The importance of safety in our daily lives cannot be overemphasised and our services are just a step in the process of making living spaces safe by removing unwanted objects and potentially harmful agents that can cause damage to life or property.

Looking for Office Cleaning Services in Melbourne?

We take pride in delivering top class services at the request of our clients and this has helped us to build good reputation in the industry. Our team of professional industrial cleaners are delivering effective and international level cleaning services to our highly valued clients. It is our quality workmanship that has helped us provide exceptional cleaning services in Perth and Melbourne. Our loyal and dedicated staff are available to answer your queries or help you when you require any advice regarding cleaning services. Now you don’t need to worry about cleaning your property and can rely on our expert cleaning team to complete all the cleaning tasks. Let us work together for making our wonderful planet a cleaner and safer place to live in. With continued efforts, we can achieve goals and make our dreams come true!

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For more information about what our industrial cleaner team in Perth and Melbourne, please visit our office or feel free to call Cleaning Edge Solutions on 1800 556 634 today.

Leading the way in Commerical and Industrial cleaning

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Our management team has over 30 years of combined experience in commercial cleaning with clients such as Bunnings Warehouse, Cahills Transport, Mainfreight, Jetts, Henley Homes, so you're in good hands at Cleaning Edge.

We pride ourselves in being an efficient, no stress and professional company with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

ISO Accreditations
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Quality Guaranteed: ISO Accredited Cleaning

We are one of only a few commercial cleaning companies to be fully Triple ISO Internationally accredited. This means that our commercial cleaning services are:

  • Constantly monitored

  • To the level of the very highest standards

  • Adhere to OH&S, quality, safety and environmental guidelines

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