Safety Edge

Safety Edge is the Cleaning Edge Solutions OHS Workplace Safety Training and Induction Program that all of our staff must undertake in order to become one of our Hygiene Operators. It provides them with critical OHS information and legal and safety requirements in the workplace. All our staff are fully trained and taught how to identify and manage risks and hazards.

  • Online OHS Safety Training and Induction Program and certificates
  • Site specific inductions & task training
  • Certified Chemical storage and handling training and MSDS provided and displayed
  • Staff are taught how to identify hazards and
  • Assess risks and implement controls to reduce the likelihood of being injured whilst on the job.
  • Personal Protective Equipment is provided
  • Ongoing training of all staff
  • Colour coding system for mops and cloths

OHS is a top priority at Cleaning Edge and we ensure that all OHS requirements are strictly adhered to at all times by our staff. We ensure that SWMS and JSA’s are completed wherever there is a risk of injury or death and all relevant permits, checks and training are completed prior to commencement.

  • SWMS for all our work as required
  • JSA’s as required
  • We conduct monthly OHS audits & safety checks
  • We ensure staff have a Confined Space Entry Permit where required
  • White Cards where required
  • Working at Heights where required
  • Working With Children Cards where required
  • Up to date Police Checks at all times
  • Test and tag EdgeWork Permits
  • All of our equipment is tested and tagged
  • We provide a Testing and Tagging Service to all our clients for $99.00 (plus GST) for up to 10 items, please call us now to make a booking

WorkSafe Victoria are now actively enforcing the standard set out by Safe Work Australia for testing and tagging of all plug in and non fixed electrical equipment. Read our blog post to learn more

Systems, procedures and monitoring – having systems and standard operating procedures in place is crucial in delivering results and minimising risks and injuries. In order for procedures and systems to be effective however, there must be a means to monitor them. At Cleaning Edge, we have a fully systemised approach to managing our staff and ensuring systems and procedures are followed at all times and furthermore, we provide real time reporting on these systems and procedures.

  • Access to real time online reporting safety
  • Online access to OHS, SWMS, JSA’s, Operator details and more
  • Smartphone App for extra work, additional reporting, feedback etc
  • Monthly Client Evaluation (MCE) form
  • Corrective Action forms
  • Online staff sign in and sign off register with geographic location
  • Internal Electronic Notification system
  • PreOps Forms for client sign off and cleaning checklists for every job

If you are a food manufacturing or processing facility, it is critical to follow strict cleaning and sanitsiation procedures to eliminate the risk of contamination. As a triple ISO Certified company, Cleaning Edge can provide you with superior levels of hygiene using the latest cutting edge disinfectant technology. We don’t have different standards of cleaning for different food environments, we clean to one standard … the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service or AQIS. Over 2,000,000 incidents of food poisoning occur every year in Australia and many more injuries from foreign bodies, so you need to be prepared at any time for audits and litigation and ensure you have covered yourself. If such an incident was traced to your facility, one of the first items the investigation would look at is your cleaning and sanitisation procedures. To help you minimise your risk of exposure, let us help you with:

  • Superior levels of cleaning and sanitisation to AQIS standards
  • Monthly chemical titration reports
  • Triple ISO Certification 14001:2015, 9001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2015 & AS/NZS 4801:2001
  • Pre Ops forms designed for cleaner and client sign off
  • Safety and Management Audit reports
  • Dedicated Site Supervisor
  • 10 Steps of Cleaning Guide
  • Cutting Edge Disinfectant technology

We have our bases covered – one of the most important aspects in providing the service we provide is insurance… insurance for our staff and insurance to protect our clients.

  • Public Liability Insurance of $20m
  • WorkCover insurance
  • All equipment tested and tagged
  • Full comprehensive insurance for all our vehicles
  • Full insurance on all equipment

If your current service provider is not able to provide you with all of the ticked items above, then you could be EXPOSED AND AT RISK!

Contact us today and give us the opportunity to provide you with a comprehensive proposal.