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We take great pride in everything that we do, control over products allows us to ensure customers receive the best quality service and highest standards, you need a dedicated team of specialists.

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    ” Cleaning Edge cleaned our facility to well above the standard, they also came with the knowledge and documentation that provided a turnkey solution and gave our staff the time to focus on their profession “
    Cleaning Services Australia
    Freddy Smith
    General Meat Traders
    ” I would highly recommend the Cleaning Edge team to everyone from the smallest retail outlet to the largest food manufacturer for all the reasons I mentioned above, they make my job as QA manager that much easier, due to their efforts “
    Cleaning Services Australia
    Tony Limina
    Australian Lamb Company
    ” Cleaning Edge Solutions provide a fantastic, reliable, flexible cleaning service. Their dedicated friendly staff are hard-working and deliver consistently high results “
    Cleaning Services Australia
    Gerard Redmond
    Fulton Hogan