Cleaning Edge Solutions was incorporated in Australia in 2008. Prestigiously certified with the triple ISO certification, we specialize in industrial and commercial cleaning and are fast becoming a market leader in the cleaning service and management industry.

We offer services that are in tandem with international standards and implement highly efficient start to finish processes which includes site estimation and quoting, scheduling, task actualization, invoicing, reporting and follow up. Our sophisticated management system ensured that every element of our procedures are carried out expertly and to our clients’ satisfaction.

Cleaning requirements different from one industry to another and our commitment to understanding each client’s needs has attributed to our fast-paced growth, a customer retention rate of 99% and our emergence as an industry leader.

Our ingenuity in our application of technology to the cleaning industry with the creation of a cutting-edge Smart phone App sets our company apart from our competitors. It reinforces our desire to always exceed our customers’ expectations and provide the very best service in our field.

Our values


To be the market leader in industrial and commercial cleaning in Australia while setting the benchmark nationwide for quality of service, integrated systems and management.

Mission Statement

We are committed to deliver long-term and innovative solutions for highly consistent service to meet if not exceed our client’s expectations.

Core Values

Cleaning Edge Solutions are proud to share and promote these core values which underpin our entire operation.

Accountability:  We care about what we offer and deliver to our clients and the impact it has on the existing environment.

Integrity:   Walk the talk when it comes to service delivery.

Innovation:   Pioneers in the industry