Industrial and Hospitality Cleaning – we do it all!

With more than 30 years of experience in industrial, warehouse and factory cleaning, and being able to develop the quality and calibre of our services continually, our industrial cleaning service is one of our favourites. Cleaning Edge Solutions has worked hard to develop a reputation for providing quality services that meet and often exceed the expectations of our clients. We are proud to have set a benchmark in the industry.

Factory, Industrial, Construction and Abattoir Cleaning

Whether you need factory cleaning in Melbourne or cleaning for a construction site in Perth, we’ll take care of it completely.

At Cleaning Edge Solutions, we take occupational health and safety risks very seriously. We understand the importance of all our experienced cleaners having a clear understanding of the requirements of an industrial workplace.

Factory cleaning, construction site cleaning, hospitality cleaning, abattoir cleaning and working in other industrial facilities requires cleaners who have received thorough training and have proper knowledge of how to work in industrial environments.

We understand what is required to produce the best possible results for your work environment and conduct extensive evaluations and estimations to plan a customised cleaning solution to meet your needs. Whether you need customised high-pressure cleaning, or you are looking for quality restaurants cleaning, Cleaning Edge Solutions can provide you with the highest standard of service.

Our skilled industrial cleaning staff knows what to look for, and how to work efficiently to get the job done. They are available for a wide range of cleaning services, including carpet cleaning, pressure cleaning, window cleaning and even equipment cleaning. We bring to you outstanding industrial cleaning programs and pay close attention to detail on the job, to ensure we always match our services to the unique cleaning needs of your facility or work environment.

Our cleaning services not only keep your workplace looking great but also assist in increasing productivity and efficiency and creating a healthier work environment for your staff.

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