Commercial Cleaning & Office Cleaning services in Ringwood !


Do you run a commercial business or industrial business in Ringwood? Are you in need of a commercial cleaning or industrial cleaning service provider in your suburb? We are here to the rescue! If you live or work in the surrounding areas of the Ringwood Library or the famous Ringwood Clock tower and require professional cleaning services, contact Nick on 0423 815 057 or submit your enquiry below

Office Cleaning in Ringwood

The safety of your staff and customers should be your top priority. They are essential to your business and a key aspect of ensuring a safe work environment is office cleaning. Did you know that a clean clutter free office can boost employee productivity and job satisfaction? Studies show that customers are more likely to return to a clean office space instead of a untidy and cluttered space. Hence, investing in office cleaning will also boost your image as an employer and a great brand.

Commercial Cleaning in Ringwood

Cleaning Edge Solutions has over 15 years of Commercial Cleaning experience in Australia. We specialize in a range of cleaning solutions driven by Innovation. Our ISO certification and rigorous staff training procedures will assure you of the best cleaning solutions and standards. We specialize in commercial cleaning services for Gyms, Offices, Retail and Shopping Centres, Child Care and Aged Care Centres and more…  We ensure that you are compliant with the governing bodies and regulations, while keeping your customers and employees safe.

Medical centre cleaning is one of our areas of expertise too. Your medical centre is a breeding ground for germs and viruses and may infect patients and health care professionals. We use hospital grade ARTG approved disinfectants that provide up to 30 days protection on low-touch surfaces and 24-hour protection on high touch surfaces. Our staff is also fully trained on infection control and best practises such as colour coded cloth usage to avoid cross contamination. Get your medical centre cleaned by an expert and keep your staff and patients safe.

Industrial Cleaning in Ringwood

We are one of the leading companies for industrial cleaning services. Our expertise lies in Cooking Plants, Primary Processing, Pet Food, Butcher Shops, Boning room, Abattoirs and more… We use state-of-the-art machinery to deliver economic and sustainable cleaning solutions to our Industrial clients. Each site is provided with a dedicated team and this allows for consistent and standardized service delivery. Each site goes through a thorough setting up process before any work is commenced to allow for a streamlined cleaning process. We use environmentally friendly chemicals where possible and we are also insured by Lloyds of London up to $20 million. So, if you are looking for an industrial cleaning specialist, Cleaning Edge Solutions is at your service.


  • Our staff are fully trained
  • We use ARTG approved disinfectants
  • We are ISO Certified 
  • We are insured by Lloyds of London


Cleaning Edge Solutions offers a range of commercial cleaning services to suit the different requirements of clients

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