Deep Cleaning Service

Deep Cleaning involves cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing all high and low touch points on your premises to eliminate dust, dirt and in particular virus carrying particulates. It’s important that when a Deep Clean is undertaken a specific process is followed. In fact, Deep Cleaning is a three-step process.

  • 1. High touch surfaces and common areas are cleaned with detergent.

  • 2. A second clean is conducted with ARTG approved disinfectants

  • 3. Fogging is carried out in the premises

Disinfection and Sanitization

Disinfecting is very similar to sanitizing, which is why most people think the 2 are the same. However, the key difference is the strength of the chemical used for disinfecting.

Sanitizing is the act of removing and/or killing bacteria from surfaces. For example, using scrubbers on your bathroom floor just cleans it. But scrubbing with a specific sanitizing product will be considered sanitizing, as you’re removing and killing harmful germs.

Disinfecting not only removes and kills bacteria, but also viruses. Disinfecting products can also remove the majority of these harmful germs, which better protects your health.



    Cleaning Edge Solutions exists to deliver hygienic cleaning solutions, supported by the latest technology that reduces costs and increases compliance

    Experienced Staff

    Our staff is highly trained in WH&S, Risk Management and Chemical Safety with SOPs and Safety Work Method Statements for Quality Management


    Where possible, use products that are safe and non-toxic, so neither students nor staff are exposed to chemical residues that are usually found in conventional cleaning products.

    ISO Certified

    Our ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications ensure that we deliver with Integrity and Accountability. Standardization and Quality is Guaranteed

    Audit and Quality Controls

    Our experienced auditors conduct regular audits to ensure that the tasks performed, meet the expected outcomes of hygiene and sanitation.

    Smartphone App

    Communication is now easier than before. We have our entire staff logged into our innovative smartphone app so that we have your issues monitored and addressed in real-time


    We tailor our cleaning service to suit your requirements. We have flexible schedules, delivering a cost-effective and efficient cleaning solution