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Providing Quality Commercial Cleaning Services in Sydney

Our cleaning experts deliver the highest quality of clean you can always count, let us help you with all of your cleaning and disinfecting responsibilities now.

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    Cleaning Services Australia
    Cleaning Edge

    Virus decontamination specialists in Sydney with a 24 hour turnaround time

    If your business has been listed as an exposure site, we'll get your premises decontaminated, disinfected and sanitized in 24 hours. Our certificate of compliance is accepted by DHHS and makes it easier for you to get back in business.

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      The Cleaning Industry's Most Reliable Name

      Dependable Cleaning Experts For The Best Clean You Can Always Count On!

      In 2008, Cleaning Edge Solutions was set up in Australia. Office, industrial and commercial cleaning are our specialties, and we are quickly rising to the top of the market for cleaning service and management thanks to our prestigious triple ISO accreditation.

      We provide cleaning services in accordance with global standards and employ highly effective start-to-finish procedures, including site estimation and pricing, scheduling, job actualization, billing, reporting, and follow-up. Every aspect of our procedures was carried out expertly and to the delight of our clients thanks to our advanced management system.

      Our employees have completed comprehensive COVID-19 sanitization and disinfection training.
      We utilize disinfectants that are ARTG approved and provide 30 days of low contact surface protection and 24 hour protection for high touch surfaces.
      Our company has ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001 certifications.
      We have product, pollution, and public liability insurance via Lloyds of London.
      Cleaning Services Australia
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      Industries We Serve

      Helping Different Industries And All Types Of Facilities With Our Cleaning Services in Sydney

      For additional safety and protection for everyone, our professional cleaning teams are provided with masks and gloves to use while cleaning your premises.

      We have been providing our specialist cleaning services to child care centers..
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      We take the stress out of keeping your pub or restaurant clean, hygienic.
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      Making the ideal environment for staff and students to teach and learn. Safe, clean and...
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      Removing the sweat and odors from all the heavy activities & letting your clients exercise...
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      Creating a pristine look to showcase the best qualities of your display homes.
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      Keeping your industrial area compliant and safe for all types of workers.
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      Get the cleaning services your company need

      Services for Nationwide Commercial & Office Cleaning

      We are committed to offering you a superior caliber of cleaning service because we are professionals in commercial cleaning. Our triple ISO accreditation, which has been awarded to us for six straight years and validates our Quality, Safety, and Environmental Management systems and procedures, is evidence of our standards.

      Our goal as one of the top commercial cleaning companies is to disrupt the current quo and establish new standards for the sector. Our methods of operation and focus on customer satisfaction have enabled us to keep a client retention rate of over 95%. With cutting-edge methods for greater operational effectiveness and cutting-edge tools for higher cleaning service standards, we are setting the bar for the sector.

      We offer thorough cleaning services for all different kinds of businesses because we are aware that every one requires a different approach. Medical facilities, fitness centers, workplaces, institutions for the elderly, daycare facilities, service apartments, and many more sorts of businesses are among those we service. Through our own training site, all of our staff members have received thorough training in both cleaning services for various commercial cleanings. Along with other industrial best practices, this includes OH&S and chemical handling.

      We promise more than simply a thorough cleaning. We give you an experience as the commercial cleaning service providers. To obtain your required free quote now, call us right away.

      Join hundreds of other companies and organisations who love our commercial cleaning services 
      Find Out Why Business Owners Favor Us!

      With specialized, industry-leading cleaning services, experience the highest level of office cleaning

      Most people’s second home is their office. An employee spends about 8 hours a day at work, therefore it’s critical to offer them with a clean and safe working environment. Did you aware that a clutter-free, pristine workplace has been shown to increase productivity? The motivation of your team, however, has been shown to be impacted by having them clean the workplace themselves. Why then take a chance on unhappy employees? Speak with Cleaning Edge, the experts in office cleaning, and we’ll make sure your workplace is spotless and welcoming each morning.

      Considering how frequently to clean your office? We advise cleaning your office space every day, but we recognize that funds sometimes become a problem. Therefore, the suggested minimum of cleans per week is 3. The chemicals we employ, which offer up to 24 hours of high contact surface protection and 30 days of low touch surface protection for your office, enable us to uphold our standards of cleanliness and safety. Your personnel and clients won’t be exposed to any dangerous chemicals thanks to the chemicals we use for office cleaning.

      If you have clients or customers entering your office, having a spotless, tidy entrance or lobby that smells good makes a wonderful first impression. Sight and scent are two of our best senses, after all! When you use the Cleaning Edge office cleaning service, you can be confident that your workplace will look professional and be presented well. Speak with us right away for a required free quote!

      View the Procedure!


      Our audits serve as the initial stage in a four-part quality loop that is completed at least once every three months. The method’ guiding premise is to pinpoint problems, fix them, monitor progress, and, if necessary, retrain workers.

      Together with the client, conduct a site audit
      • Head Office and Operator received the report and images.
      • if necessary, corrective action is proposed
      Operator provided an estimated time for correction (dependent on cleaning schedule)
      • Issues noted in the client file
      • The operator sends images of the corrected activity to the headquarters.
      • Updating of Client Records
      • Management evaluates the monthly reports.
      Training If issues persist, a meeting with the operator is planned.
      • The operator then receives specialized training to make sure the problem doesn't come up again.
      Reclaim your time by turning the cleaning on to the best cleaning professionals.

      Hiring a cleaning service for your office or commercial space can seem like a major decision because you want to get the best one you can. Therefore, provide us additional information about your professional cleaning needs so we can assist you!

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      We give you the chance to work in the quickly expanding commercial cleaning sector. When you work with us, you create a future that is both secure and bright.
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