A Letter From Liberal State Member, Brad Battin

A press release of Cleaning Edge being named as one of 2020 AFR Most Innovative Companies was published in the Gazette. CEO Clayburn Figredo commented on this achievement stating that ‘Innovation is key and as a cleaning company, you clean. That’s basic. But to deliver consistent, high quality service, particularly in high-risk enterprises such as food and healthcare, it is critical to develop excellent systems that ensure precision and accountability”

This press release captured the attention of Liberal Member of State, Brad Brattin who took the time to write to us and recognize us for our efforts during these challenging times. We are excited to be in the spotlight of state members like Brad Battin who have been in the shoes of a small business owner …

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Liberal Member of State, Brad Battin for taking the time to recognize Cleaning Edge Solutions. CES takes pride in our principle of transparency, specially during these challenging times, where risk management, operations monitoring and compliance are critical. As mentioned by CEO Clayburn Figredo “We are so proud of our team and this accolade is a tribute to our collective efforts”!

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