What Gives You Reassurance And A Peace Of Mind? Deep Cleaning!

Just months ago, to most people Deep Cleaning meant scrubbing, dusting and wiping among other basic cleaning tasks. Since the threat of COVID-19 emerged, cleaning has suddenly taken on a different meaning, it is now aligned with public health.  An outbreak of COVID-19 on your premises requires a ‘Deep Clean’ prior to re-opening, a phrase that has suddenly become common in our vocabulary. But what exactly does it entail?

What does Deep Cleaning mean?

Deep Cleaning involves cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing all high and low touch points on your premises to eliminate dust, dirt and in particular virus carrying particulates. It’s important that when a Deep Clean is undertaken a specific process is followed. In fact, Deep Cleaning is a three-step process.

  1. All high touch surfaces, think doors benchtops desks chairs, common areas are firstly cleaned with detergent.  A simple wipe down is no longer sufficient.
  2. A second clean is then conducted with a ARTG approved disinfectant, this is what will kill all the virus particles that may be still living on high touch surfaces.
  3. The third step is fogging, (electrostatic sprayers that cover the room with a mist of disinfectant) the benefit of fogging is that it disperses disinfectant/sanitiser on all low touch surfaces such as walls, cupboards, drawers.  All the places that we might touch during the course of a day that aren’t immediately obvious. 

How frequently should I “Deep Clean” my premises?

In the past Deep Cleaning has generally been conducted when premises may have failed an audit, such as a Health Department audit of food premises.  However, the onset of COVID-19 has changed our advice dramatically.  In the case of a breakout of COVID-19 on your premises a Deep Clean must be undertaken prior to re-opening.  In addition, we recommend regular Deep Cleaning of your premises as a proactive measure to reduce the risk of an outbreak.  The frequency of a Deep Clean being conducted will depend on individual circumstances.   For example, a high traffic retailer may require a Deep Clean on a monthly basis as a proactive measure. Conversely, an office space, where many staff are not working from the office on a daily basis may require a Deep Clean every three months.

As experts in the industry, we are aware of the gaps in routine cleaning compared to a Deep Clean service and its importance during these challenging times. We have completed Deep Cleaning services for many existing clients. In addition, we have been approached by businesses that weren’t clients because they experienced an outbreak and found that their existing cleaners were not trained or able to complete a Deep Clean.

If you require an expert to support you in your requirement for Deep Cleaning, contact us on (03) 9988 1211

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