The Office Cleaning Process

Regularly moving placed/permanent office furniture is important to ensure we can clean behind and underneath to avoid any build up. Checking well underneath desks and behind the computer server and behind doors are other areas cleaners will often miss which will quickly result in dust, dirt and cobwebs. When someone in the office doesn’t close their door very often, it would be embarrassing

if they happen to have a one off meeting where the door had to be closed and they noticed it hadn’t been cleaned for a long time… yes, we’re talking from experience!

Floor skirtings are another area that is often overlooked by office cleaners. Being at floor level it is easy to overlook but it is also a dust magnet. Just think, all of the dust that floats through your office on a daily basis has to settle somewhere and if it isn’t cleaned regularly, it will soon start to show and your floor skirtings is one place you will find it and if you find it there, your staff and clients will too!

Cleaning office kitchens and lunch rooms require another level of cleaning simply due to the type of environment it is. Moving appliances in the kitchen and lunch room areas and checking the bin and surrounding area regularly is a crucial aspect of cleaning these areas. Where food is prepared bacteria wants to grow so it is imperative to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness in these areas. If these are overlooked for too long, it will be a breeding ground for bacteria and could result in illness amongst staff.

Finally your office bathrooms, always a breeding ground for bacteria and often a common place for bad odours, are not something that anyone wants to smell. It is important to not only clean inside toilet bowls and urinals but underneath, behind and around the outside using a hospital grade anti- bacterial agent. This will remove any bacteria and minimise the growth of it until the next clean. Paying attention to mould and grime build up around drainage holes is another important area to check regularly.

At Cleaning Edge, our promise is to ensure we deliver the highest level of office cleaning by adhering to strict Operating and Sanitisation Procedures so that your office is clean, fresh and hygienic all the time!

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