4 Compelling reasons why you need to hire a commercial cleaning specialist

As a business owner or a manager, time is of great essence and it should not be spent overlooking the cleaning of your premises. It is also not worthwhile to spend time and money to recruit an in-house janitorial team for commercial cleaning services. For many businesses that do, it is an expense in terms of time, money, and valuable resources. Instead, hiring a commercial cleaning specialist can deem rather beneficial while saving on time, money, and your resources. 

We are aware of the industry stigma created by unprofessional, non-compliant and inconsistent cleaning companies, however, generalizing your experience across the whole industry is not the solution. Hire a company that is looking to build a collaborative partnership by listening to your needs and requirements instead of just playing the role of a vendor.

Deciding on why you need to hire a commercial cleaning company can be tiring, but we have listed 4 compelling reasons to make your life of decisions easier!

Reasons to hire a commercial cleaning specialist

1. An Assured High Quality Clean

With the right commercial cleaning company, you can be assured that you have got yourself a great bargain. Cleaning is a skilled profession and our staff at Cleaning Edge Solutions are highly trained and certified according to industry standards. We have our own Safety Edge Platform that prioritizes training. As ISO certified commercial cleaning specialists, our experience allows us to see what untrained eyes would miss and enables a high standard of delivery according to the expectations of your staff and customers. Larger facilities could require 8 – 10 staff members and monitoring quality and consistency yourself might not be practical. Therefore, you need to hire a commercial cleaning company, so that they do the hard work for you.

2. Occupational Safety and Health Administration Compliance and Liability

Professional cleaning service providers are well updated with OSHA compliance policies. It is important that you ensure that your commercial cleaning service provider is aware of all the regulatory changes and can keep your business complaint with the governing bodies. Further, having your own cleaning staff means that you need to be insured, which is an added cost. Cleaning Edge Solutions is insured by Lloyd’s of London for Public, Product and Pollution Liability of up to $20m so with a commercial cleaning provider like us, your liability worries are a goner!

3. Innovative Solutions

With the advancements in technology, there is a rapid change in the cleaning industry as well. A commercial cleaning specialist should be ahead of the game by providing you with new industry solutions that provide you more value for money. Gone are the days where communication books were used to share feedback between you and the cleaning service provider. At Cleaning Edge, we take pride in our communications app that is a game changer and a valuable tool to our clients that drives real-time communication and many more features.

4. Keeping You And The Environment Safe

Working with a commercial cleaning company allows you to benefit in numerous ways. You can be assured that your company will be provided with the best cleaning supplies to keep you and your staff safe. Specific chemicals and disinfectants are suited for certain surfaces, they need to be handled with caution or it could cause damages and even bodily harm. You cannot rely on inexperienced staff to do it right. At Cleaning Edge, we use ARTG approved disinfectants that provide up to 24-hour protection on high touch surfaces and 30 days protection on low touch surfaces. We also use environmentally friendly chemicals where possible and most importantly; our staff are fully trained and certified in chemical handling according to OSHA regulations.   

These 4 compelling reasons should have you looking to hire a commercial cleaner in Melbourne who is also looking for a collaborative partnership for growth. Time is money, so invest in saving your time as an employee by partnering with the right commercial cleaner.

To inquire about our commercial cleaning services, speak to Nick on +423 815 057 for your obligatory free quote or submit your enquiry online. Cleaning Edge Solutions specializes in Commercial Cleaning Services, Office Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning and Deep Cleaning Services in Melbourne and Perth.

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