5 Office Cleaning Tips To Keep A Really Clean And Organized Workspace

We are all guilty of a messy office workspace from time to time and sometimes we get too caught up with more important matters at hand, leaving our workspaces in clutter. But did you know that research1 shows a significant co-relation between our physical environments and our emotions, cognition and behaviour, which in turn affects our decision making capabilities and work relationships Workplace stress costs the Australian economy $14.81 billion a year according to Medibank Survey2 and it’s time that we recognize the impact of clutter in our lives and contribute towards a positive work environment with office cleaning practises.

Most office cleaning service providers do not clean and organize workspaces due to privacy, security and confidentiality reasons. This means that you and your colleagues must work together to keep your workspace clean and organized.

Here are 5 office cleaning tips to help you keep a really clean and organized workspace:

1. Clean your workspace at the end of your day

Before you leave your workstation for the day, clean it up with a quick wipe down of any food particles and paper. Do not forget to take your coffee cups and dishes down to the kitchen for a rinse too. You won’t be overwhelmed the next day walking into an unhygienic workspace with this office cleaning tip.

2. Leave no loose papers on your desk

Rid your desk and computer of the unwanted sticky notes and papers. Organize your folders and fix your workspace so that it is neat and tidy. Use an organized filing system or just cut down on your printouts. Hooray to an environmentally friendly office cleaning tip!

3. Your Virtual Workspace matters too

Is your desk the only workspace that matters? The answer is no! Your desktop, aka, your virtual workspace needs to be clean and organized too. Look at your desktop and if you cannot see your desktop background, it is time to clean it up. Organize your files and documents into separate folders and delete files you do not need anymore. You can also upload your files onto public cloud sharing or your company’s cloud sharing system to save space and enable faster sharing. Try this virtual office cleaning tip to maintain a clutter free workspace.

4. Make ‘Fridge Friday’ a routine

Most of us share a common refrigerator at work and with our busy work schedules, we sometimes forget the meal boxes and food we leave in the fridge. You may have had to run off to an urgent meeting or chosen to buy food online instead of eating your home cooked food and forgotten what’s left in the fridge until someone noticed the bad odour. Avoid this by clearing out the Fridge every Friday and throwing out expired food. It is also advisable to arrange for your office cleaning service provider to disinfect and sanitize the fridge every three months.

5. Disinfect and sanitize everything ‘High Touch’

With COVID-19 under control in Australia, we need to keep it that way. Your office cleaning service provider will undertake the disinfecting and sanitizing of high touch and low touch areas in public and common spaces; however, your personal equipment needs cleaning as well. Use clinical wipes or sanitizer to clean your stationery, your desktop and computer accessories and your mobile phone. There are disinfectants and sanitizers that are ARTG approved and provide 24 hours protection on high touch surfaces and 30-day protection on low touch surfaces. Speak to your office cleaning service provider as they are the experts.

Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Consider office cleaning as an investment rather than an expense. It can save money, time and energy. During busier times of the year, always request for extra office cleaning services and keep your environment safe.

Should you need an office cleaning expert, speak to Nick on +423 815 057 for your obligatory free quote or submit your enquiry online. Cleaning Edge Solutions specializes in Office Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning and Deep Cleaning services in Melbourne and Perth.


1 Roster, C. and Ferrari, J., 2019. Does Work Stress Lead to Office Clutter, and How? Mediating Influences of Emotional Exhaustion and Indecision. Environment and Behavior, 52(9), pp.923-944.
2 Medibank Private, 2008. The Cost Of Workplace Stress In Australia.

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